Revised Self-Introduction Speech Outline

Revised Self-Introduction Speech

Begin by reviewing your work over the session in the various speaking opportunities you have had in this course, putting particular focus on your Self-Introduction that you presented in Week 1. Then think about a professional context, such as a job fair, a work dinner, an industry conference, or a job interview—any professionally based situation in which you may need to introduce yourself to someone who does not know you. Consider the following:

  • Who are you professionally?
  • How will you explain that in a short amount of time?
  • What’s a good response when someone prompts, “Tell me about yourself?”

As you consider these questions, begin to gather and rehearse ideas for an elevator pitch that introduces you to someone new. Notes or an outline are recommended but not required to be submitted. You should have an audience present for this presentation, even if the audience is not professionally connected to or well known by you. The audience-centered focus for what you say should be someone unknown. This presentation should combine all of your improvement, your professional communication, and your communicative identity into a tight elevator pitch that you may use and revise for years to come.

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