Self-Evaluation Report (Industry Placement)

Write a self-evaluation report (3,300 words) about your industry placement.

Answer the following:

  • Ability to apply knowledge of basic science and engineering fundamentals
  • In-depth technical competence in at least one engineering discipline
  • Ability to undertake problem identification, formulation and solution
  • Ability to utilize a systems approach to design and operational performance
  • Ability to communicate effectively with engineers and also with the community at large
  • Ability to function effectively as an individual and in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, with the capacity to be a leader or manager as well as an effective team member.
  • Understanding of the principles of sustainable design and development
  • Understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and commitment to them
  • Expectation of the need to undertake lifelong learning, and capacity to do so
  • What engineering attribute do you most need to enhance
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