Spanish-American War

Spanish American War. Spanish-American War

1. Briefly discuss the debate that occurred over American military action before and during the
war you chose. Describe at least one argument that favored American involvement in the war
and one that opposed it. Briefly evaluate the relationship between each argument and the longterm trends of U.S. foreign policy, particularly the relationship to “progressive internationalism” or
“liberal internationalism.” (10 points)
2. List one of the important historical actors or groups involved in the event you chose. Evaluate
the choices this person or the representatives of this group made. Discuss the ethical
implications of the choices. Whose interests did their actions serve? What were the social
benefits, costs or limits of their decisions? (5 points)
3. Briefly describe how American involvement in the event you chose affected the United States’
standing in the global community? (5 points)

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