Special Education Social and Emotional Learning

Special Education Social and Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL), is the process of developing students’ social-emotional competencies—that is, the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that individuals need to make successful choices (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning [CASEL], 2003). You will be presented with an overview of the expansive field of social and emotional learning. Through the lens of Social Emotional Learning, we examine and present many strategies for developing relationships, exercising compassion and empathy, applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills, engaging in effective communication, and through understanding human diversity we see how culture impacts our learning environment. No matter how you label these competencies, by implementing the tenets of Social Emotional Learning, schools can enhance the learning environment and improve academics. Explore these seven cards to discover powerful practices that will impact teaching and student learning.


2. View the shelf of Playbooks in Social Emotional Learning. For this assignment, you will only need to access Playbook #1 which is called “What is SEL?”

4. Once you have opened up the “What is SEL?” Playbook, you will have access to the seven cards for this Playbook, which will be referenced throughout this assignment and in future courses. You will complete 5 cards (see the templates below). For the last two, you will choose which cards to complete.
Both intern teachers and student teachers can engage with the “What is SEL?” Playbook based on their own teaching and learning experiences. Intern teachers, what SEL strategies are you currently implementing? Student teachers, where do you want to begin with your implementation of SEL strategies in your classroom?(please scroll to the next page)

“When teaching social emotional learning, we are looking at the whole person. The emotions connected to learning are inseparable.” (Angela Karem, Transitional Kindergarten Teacher)

Through your Playbook learning, how can you reflect on ways in which you can bring the whole child into classroom learning experiences? How will you create an environment that is safe, nurturing and empowering for each child that enters your room?

(please scroll to the next page for the first SEL Card)

Card #1: Social Emotional Learning

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