The Story of Cherokee Indians in American History

1. Topic: The Story of the _______ in American History Select ONE of the groups mentioned in the textbook.

(There is a list on the inside front cover.) Write a full report on the role and experience of this group in American history.

Consider issues of cultural background, motivations to emigrate to America, patterns of settlement, and the overall experience of this group in American history. Example: The Story of the Irish in American History

2. Specifications: Your term paper should at least four pages (more than 1000 words). The paper should follow a standard style. P

apers must be typed and double-spaced, using only 10 or 12 point type. I need a heading or a title page which includes the title of your paper, your name, the class number, and the date.

Include a separate bibliography or works cited page with all relevant information on your sources. Papers should be emailed to the instructor using the Blackboard Internal Email system, in the .rtf or .doc format.

At minimum, the use of six sources- including any number of the following: books, newspaper/magazine articles, computer information resources, and personal interviews – is required.

Papers having less than six sources will be penalized 10% for each shortfall. History papers are based on historical information. The source of that information must be cited. At least one letter grade will be deducted from papers which do not follow this standard. Please use a standard style.

3. Paper Format:

1) Begin with an introduction, explaining the topic of the paper

2) Continue with the main body of the paper, which will be the majority of your work a. ethnic and cultural background b. motivations to emigrate to America c. patterns of settlement d. the overall experience of this group in American history

3) An opinion section, in which the student should a. note their interpretations b. explain their choice of topic c. relate any personal stories if applicable

4) A conclusion, reviewing the student’s general thesis.

5. Expectations: Your paper should be written carefully with attention to the subject matter, style, spelling, and punctuation.

Papers are expected to be clear and coherent, of college-level quality.

Research is necessary to provide a factual base to support your paper.

Your papers should be grammatically correct and free of typographical errors.

Papers with large numbers of errors will be returned ungraded for correction.

Carefully proofread your work, and then have a friend proofread for you.

Use your spell check program, your grammar check program, and even a dictionary.

Ask for help (as early as possible) from the instructor if you need it.

Students who have concerns regarding their writing skills are urged to seek assistance, beginning with the College Enhancement Center (the CEC), which provides a variety of academic services to all students.

Please proofread your papers to make sure you do not do any of the following:

• Avoid all contractions in formal writing. Be especially careful with the usage of its/it’s: “Its” is a possessive form of “it.” “It’s” is a contraction for “it is.” (5 point penalty)

• Cite all sources within the text. (automatic 10 point penalty)

• Avoid tense shifts. Ordinarily, history papers should be written in the past tense, since history is the study of the past.

• The paper must be a creative and original work – that is, written by the student for this assignment. (automatic failing grade)

• Use your own words. Papers that consist of a series of quotations, with little original content, will not be accepted. (automatic failing grade)

• Do not use Wikipedia. (automatic 10 point penalty)

6. Evaluation and Grading criteria:


Your term paper is a very important part of the course. This is the assignment that perhaps best shows the instructor the depth of your knowledge and interest in the course subject.

A well-conceived, thoughtful, and factual paper is expected. Late papers will be penalized a minimum of one letter grade.

Try to choose a topic on a group that interests you.

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