Sustainable Business Plan 3000 words report

Sustainable Business Plan 3000 words report

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This report is based on a new business idea. You need to assume that the business idea is opening an LTD Company based in UK that will instal home fast charging points for electric cars in Wesst Midlands area. This business will start with one Director and two Electrical Engineers. Start up requirements: one van, tools, one small warehouse.\

  1. Introduction (100 words)
  2. Motivation for choice of business (200 words)

     2.1 What has motivated you to do this business. Eg: self-development, success, goals, environment, earnings, easy to control, attitude, idea…

     2.2 Solving a problem. Eg. a) this service will encourage people to purchase electric cars and to shift from fossil fuels cars to electric cars. b) reducing the amount of time spend in external charging points. c) with fast charging the car is always ready.

  1. The process you went through to generate this business idea (200 words)

3.1 Focus group

     3.2 Brainstorming

     3.3 Internet research

     3.4 Mind map

  1. Feasibility studies conducted (550 words)

     4.1 Is the business viable?

     4.2 Is the business worth pursing?

     4.3 STP (segmentation, targeting, positioning)

     4.4 Discuss the budget for the business

4.4.1 Sources and use of capital

4.4.2 Startup funding needed

4.4.3 Chash flow projections

  1. Details of the services to be offered (200 words)

     5.1 What is your services

     5.2 Details of the service

     5.3 Who is your demographic

  1. Potential market opportunities (850 words)

     6.1 Market opportunities

     6.2 Observing trends, finding gaps in the market

     6.3 PESTEL analysis for your product

     6.4 What is your USP

     6.5 Marketing mix 7P’s for your services

  1.  Attractiveness of the industry (200 words)

      7.1 Porter’s 5 forces for your service

  1. Vision for the business (100 words)

     8.1 What is your vision for the business in the future

     8.2 Thing long term vision for business

9.Conclusion (100 words)                                                                                                                                                                                               

  1. References (15 references)


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