Topics in Psychology (Literature Review Paper)

Select any topic of ABAthat interests/intrigues you,and conduct a thorough literature review.

Search for interesting topics/keywords (use UAB library linkto access Psych Infoor Google Scholar. Select minimum of 6papersfor this assignment.

Identify a titlefor your manuscript; write an abstract, and the body of your paper. Make sure you cite sources when you are referring to a previous finding or study.Finally,include all the references cited in the paper.

You must cite at least 6 peer-reviewed research articles within your review. Only one paper can be a review article or meta-analysis (if relevant to your paper). Write and submit your paper in APA format. Include:

1. Title Page

2. Abstract (120- 150 words)- 10 points

3. Introduction- (15 points) (250 words) i) Clearly identifies a topic of interest that ties back to behavioral principles ii) Makes an argument for the importance/relevance of the topic iii) Stating the specific objectives of your study

4. Body and Conclusions – ( 750 words) Body- (40 points) i) Identifies at least 6 relevant papers ii) Discusses the importance of each paper selected to the larger topic iii) Identifies emerging themes/consensus from the literature iv) Identifies gaps, inconsistencies and criticisms of the current literature v) Well-synthesized and integrated Conclusions (5 points)- Address the significance and implications of your study.

5. References (10 points)

6. General APA formatting (including title page) 10 points.

7. Correct grammar, punctuation and syntax and writing style (10 points)

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