Now that we have read Margaret Atwood’s’’ The Handmaid’s Tale, it is time to apply the narrative to your already existing essay. Unlike the first traditional essay, this is going to be a work-in-progress essay. Meaning, that we will be working The Handmaid’s Tale into your Hunger Games paper in a progressive way. By the end, you will have combined aspects of The Hunger Games with The Handmaid’s Tale into a 6-7 page essay. While the page length may scare some of you, remember that we have already written about half of the essay with Essay 2.

Prompt: Using Essay 1 about The Hunger Games as a starting point for the essay, consider how you can include The Handmaid’s Tale into your already existing essay.

You may need to change things around, redo some of your paragraphs, explain ideas in more detail, or completely alter the way you have produced the paper to make this work. Remember, we are doing this as a way to engage with the revision process and how expand ideas, and make your essay broader and more encompassing.

Key Questions to consider:
Is there anything in common between the two narratives?
If I do not see a similarity between the two, what are the differences?
Does The Handmaid’s Tale contribute something similar to modern culture/audiences?

Creating great thesis components:

key dystopian aspect in the handmaid’s tale I think is important in the narrative? Because of using totalitarianism in Hunger Games, you must use it in this one as well

Why do I think it is important?

How does it affect the characters in the narrative?

How is the narrative’s treatment of the dystopian aspect in the narrative significant to the modern world? You can write about how women are treated in countries in the middle east and how
it relates to the Handmaid’s tale

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