Underaged Drinking On College Campuses

Underaged Drinking On College Campuses

Paper will have ASA citation style with page numbers.

Paper should be doubled spaced, have 1” margins, and use New Times Roman 12 point font.

Paper should be structured with following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methods
  • Data
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion.

Should include at least 12 scholarly sources.

The Introduction: (2-3pages) should have an hook, thesis statement, and end with a hypothesis.

The Literature Review: (4-5pages) should contain information from experts on the research topic.

Methods: (3-5pages) be very detailed about methods used to gather data.

Results: (3-5pages) present data gathers using own words.

Charts & tables may be used but have to be explained in the appendix.

Discussion & Conclusion: (4-6 pages) analysis should include words to explain what the SPSS numbers mean & what was found in testing of the thesis.

The conclusion should include what findings mean for the topic being discussed & it should include where future research might go

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