Understanding Health and Illness

Understanding Health and Illness

On successful completion of this module you will be expected to be able to:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the aims and principles of health promotion, protection and improvement and the prevention of ill health when engaging with people across the lifespan.

2. Define social determinants of health and inequalities in health

3. Compare patterns of morbidity, behavioural risk factors and health and wellbeing outcomes across the lifespan.

4. Apply this knowledge to create a health profile of an individual, family or community

CASE STUDY (see the attached case study on Karim)
This case study is designed for you to apply the knowledge you have learned during this module to a case study

Students will review the case study and examine epidemiological and demographic data in order to identify relevant issues related to the health and wellbeing of the individual, which a nurse can use to identify opportunities for promoting health and preventing ill health.


This IS NOT designed to be an essay – Utilising the case study provided in conjunction with the epidemiological and demographic data from the geographical area you have chosen for your formative assessment (e.g. Hounslow – or you may choose a different geographical area of London /Berkshire if preferred THIS STUDENT HAS CHOSEN HACKNEY DISTRICT OF LONDON You are expected to research well on your chosen area probably on Google, to gather your information about it), answer the following questions:

Questions (Please use the questions below as subheadings – you do not need to include an introduction or a conclusion as this is not an essay – you are answering the 4 questions below)
What is your understanding of the concepts of health and wellbeing and the principles of public health and health promotion, prevention and protection? (700-800 words) (LO1)
Identify the social determinants of health and inequalities in health (700-800 words) (LO2)
What are the issues that impact on the health /wellbeing of the individual (providing particular focus on those relevant to this case)? (700-800 words) (LO3)
What are the health risks for this individual and what possible advice and support could you as a nurse give them to promote their health and wellbeing? (700-800 words) (LO4)

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