Use of data and information in decision making as a manager

Use of data and information in decision making as a manager

Reflect on all you’ve learned in this class about the use of data and information in your decision making as a manager. How will what you have learned affect your management style going forward? What will change about your behavior?

·       Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially:

o   Laureate Education (Producer). (2018). Red Bead Experiment Animation [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

o   Stauffer, R. F.(2018). Your world is not red or green [Presentation slides]. Baltimore, MD: Laureate Education

o   Wheeler, D. J. (2003). Making sense of data. Knoxville, TN: SPC Press.

§  Afterword, “The Germ Theory of Management\” (pp. 347–364)

Post a cohesive response based on your analysis of the Learning Resources and your professional experience.  Be sure to address the following:

·       Compare the relationship between the germ theory of management and the Red Bead Experiment. How are they related? Explain the common lessons for management from these two examples. Examine the importance for managers of understanding the two types of variation in their processes.

·       As a manager, identify the questions you should be asking to ensure the integrity of the data you are presented. Outline other ways you ensure that information you use is appropriate for the decision-making process and that the data is not superficial.

·       Evaluate the importance of using data analysis to inform your management decisions.


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