V-belt Drive System Lab Report


Using Mdesign software, Design a V-belt drive system by specify the belt size, the sheave sizes, and the number of belts, the actual output speed, and the center distance.



Write an introduction of 200-250 words

Introduction should provide a background of work documented in report: Fundamentals of design parameters (flexible power transmission elements), reason behind this experiment, benefits gained by conducting this experiment.



Write the step procedure you followed to achieve the results.



Place the results from the task assigned for each individual.



Please write a brief review of what has been deduced from the work conducted.

No new information should be given in the conclusion that is not stated earlier in the report



Always practice keeping references (google search page links are not accepted)



  • Please don’t waste to time preparing the cover page, just add your group members name in the first page attached.
  • Whenever using screenshots/pics in the report, please keep the details of each posted screenshots/pics.
Report Assessment Criteria
Criteria Marks Allocation Grade
Report submission on time 10  
Introduction related to experiment objective 20  
Simulation Part: using MDESIGN software 50  
Conclusion and References 20  

Total marks out of 100



Assessment Weight Marks Obtained Comments
practical 30%    
Lab report 70%    
Total 100%    




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