Water Quality Improvement Action Plan

Write a 5–6-page action plan for a quality improvement initiative, using the Centers for Disease
Control’s WASH program as the basis for the plan to improve water quality and sanitation for a
refugee camp.
Read about the CDC’s Global Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Program and related
pertinent information linked in the Resources for this assessment. Search the Internet for
examples of action plans.
Your task for this assessment is to use the WASH Program as the basis for determining the costs
and benefits associated with establishing the program in a refugee camp. You will also research
and propose ways to measure the benefits of program performance.
Assume the role in the scenario:
Scenario: You are a health administration consultant hired by a government ministry to develop a
quality improvement action plan to improve water quality and sanitation for a refugee camp with a current population of 5,000. The current water and sanitation are not up to standards. Public
health services are overwhelmed with medical issues. You must persuade local public health
officials to undertake your quality improvement plan as their number one priority.
Develop a 5–7-page Water Quality Improvement Action Plan for the refugee camp. You may use
bullet points, phrases, charts, or tables as needed to relay information clearly and succinctly.
Organize your action plan according to the following headings:
Executive Summary
Focus the reader on the issue at hand. Summarize in one sentence the most important point of
each section of the plan.
Population Health
Summarize how the WASH program complements global water and sanitation standards and
supports population health.
• Articulate the global water and sanitation standards.
Analyze the scope of what is required for a camp to meet the standards for a population of 5,000.
• Document any assumptions you make.
o What are the immediate critical steps that need to be implemented?
o What initiatives need to be taken to ensure the health of the population in the long term?
Assess the scope of costs (personnel, education, equipment, et cetera) associated with the
WASH quality improvement action plan.

• What are the emergency cost factors?
• What are the long-term cost factors?
Evaluate potential funding sources (private, NGO, or government) that could support this quality
improvement project. Explain your reasoning.
• Which sources might provide funding for emergency measures? Be specific.
• Which sources might be tapped for longer term support? Be specific.
• What partnerships could be developed?
Performance Measures
Propose performance measures to assess the quality initiative performance.
• Qualitative: Explain a way to qualitatively assess the program performance.
o Why is this an effective way to assess performance?
• Quantitative: Discuss a model that you would choose to quantitatively assess the program
o Why is this an effective way to assess performance?
Summary Call to Action
In this brief section, cite statistics to illustrate the human and economic costs associated with the
current status of the issue. What are the costs of maintaining the status quo? What are the
human and economic benefits of implementing the quality improvement plan?
Additional Requirements
• Formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA standards for style
and formatting.

• Number of resources: Use a minimum of 7–10 resources.
• Length: 5–7 double-spaced pages, not including the title and references pages.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.

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