Win the Electric Vehicle Market

Win the Electric Vehicle Market

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After reading the case carefully, you need apply your strategic management knowledge, and prepare a report in three sections of 1) analysis, 2) discussion, 3) conclusion and recommendations.


  • Analysis


1-1 Conduct a SWOT analysis for both Tesla and Nissan. For SWOT analysis you need to do an external analysis (general, industry, competitors) to identify opportunities & threats AND an internal analysis (resource, capabilities, core competencies) to identify strengths & weakness items. Explain each item, you need to clarify why such an item is strength, weakness, opportunity, threat.


  • Summarize your SWOT analyses results in two Tables.


  • Interpret the results of your analyses; What are the key takeaways of your SWOT analyses?


  • Discussion Questions


2-1 Tesla is highly vertically integrated:

  1. A) What does it mean?
  2. B) How does this give Tesla an advantage?
  3. C) What are the risks to this strategy for Tesla?

Explain your answers.


  • What strategy should Tesla focus on: Scaling of its best-selling models or introducing new models into new segments? Explain your answers.


2-3 Regarding their market shares:

  1. A) How was Tesla able to gain such a large share of the EV market in a relatively short period?
  2. B) Why was Nissan not able to maintain its position in the market?

Explain your answers.


  • Conclusion & Recommendations


3-1 What are the advantages and challenges in EV market going forward? What will be the impacts of other big players entering the market?


3-2 What recommendations could you provide for Tesla and Nissan going forward?

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