Writing Resumes and Cover Letters

Writing Resumes and Cover Letters

About the Assignment

Composing a resume and cover letter sharpens specific skills and familiarizes you with the various ways to present information about yourself. For this assignment, you will have the chance to analyze your background in essay format and then include three different types of resumes along with a cover letter. The essay detailing your background, the resume section, and cover letter should total at least 2,000 words. You will need to include three credible sources supporting your claims. If you would prefer not to use your own information, you may use a fictional person.


Part 1:
Compose an essay that is 500-1,000 words providing details of your career objective(s), your education, and your work and life experiences. Analyze the components of your background that you think should be highlighted in a resume and a cover letter for a potential employer. Explain why these parts about you are important to include. You will cite three sources that back up your recommendations and opinions.

Part 2:
From the information you detailed above, you will compose three types of resumes arranging the formatting and content according to what you learned in the course. You will include the following resume types:

Chronological resume
Functional resume
Entry re-level resume

Part 3:
Now you will write your cover letter using the skills and formatting that you learned in the course.

Formatting & Sources
Please write your paper in the MLA format. As evidence for your analysis, you should provide quotations from the course and any outside research. Cite all quotations using MLA format. Please include any Study.com lessons you used as sources (including the lesson title and instructor’s name).

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