Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops: Creating Natureâs Theme Park for People Who Hate to Shop (Chapter 13)

  • Define Bass Pro Shopsâ targeting strategy. Does the chain provide a truly differentiated experience?
  • Describe how Bass Pro Shops became the nationâs leading outdoor retailer based on the retail marketing mix.
  • It terms of the major types of retailers, how would you classify Bass Pro Shops?
  • Why is Bass Pro Shops succeeding while Cabelaâs is floundering?

Apple Pay: Taking Mobile Payments Mainstream (Chapter 14)

  • As completely as possible, sketch the value delivery network for Apple Pay
  • With respect to Apple Pay, is Apple a producer, a consumer, or an intermediary? Explain
  • Identify all the reasons why Appleâs partnerships are essential to the success of Apple Pay
  • With respect to marketing channels, what are some threats to Apple Payâs future?

Assignment Requirements:

  • APA Style with cover page with Students Names, Date, Title of the Course, and Instructors names;
  • Double spaced; 12 point font times roman; 1 inch margin all sides;
  • Reference page (not counted in the body of the paper);
  • At least seven sources must be used. Wikipedia does not count as a source
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