Introduction to Canadian Law Tutors

Introduction to Canadian Law Tutors

After reading the textbook, please all the following questions.

Each question must be a header.

Maximum marks will be given if you support your statements by referring to the textbook, news articles or videos etc.

The questions have been uploaded in the Materials section

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Advanced Labour Economics Tutors

Advanced Labour Economics Tutors

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skin ageing

The assignment consist of two parts 

  1. First is dissertation, 2nd part is 10 mins presentation slides (information mostly from the dissertation notes)

Starting with the dissertation

I have completed the introduction, could you please improve the writing on this section if necessary? 


Could you also please write the methodology and another section (maybe critical review?) The table of content should not be altered much

I have some information already 

please there should be more interpretations rather than what the article says

Total word count of 2000 words for the dissertation 

Reference should be vancouver





Could you please prepare a 10 mins Presentation slides after working on my dissertation (should not be long) 100 words should be reasonable for this


This year it will run as a hybrid event (you can choose on campus or virtual)

The aim is for you to present your dissertation progress so far, to highlight the challenges (and successes) you have encountered, to meet with supervisors and peers to receive constructive feedback, and to share useful strategies to help you to succeed in your dissertation writing.

Presentations should be 10 minutes in length with 10 minutes for questions.

What to include in your PowerPoint presentation:

• Title of project

Dissertation Title: Aging in Skin of colour; efficacy and safety of aesthetic treatments?

• Rationale and background to project

As per dissertation notes

• Your skeleton outline (or table of contents) 

I guess is table of contents 

• Summarise the key areas that you have completed to date

As per dissertation notes

• Identify the areas that you have yet to cover and present a timeline for completion 

As per dissertation

• Highlight challenges you have faced (and areas that you would seek advice) 

In terms of the challenges you could mention things like not enough time due to combining full time work and masters. 

Organisation however 


Please also note:

Use bullet points to summarise and diagrams where possible. 

Please use diagrams

include sufficient information so that we can provide useful feedback.

We do not expect your dissertation to be in its final draft.

Once again this is a reminder that the session is for you to gain feedback, help and support from tutors and peers on your progress so far.


Bioethics and Case Study Worksheets

Bioethics and Case Study Worksheets

Ethical Theories Worksheet

Part One

Propose a solution to the following scenario using each of the five ethical theories presented in this module. Explain how your solution aligns with the major ideas within each theory.


Scenario: There is a pandemic of a contagious disease. In the United States, there is only enough of the vaccine to cover 70% of the population. How do you determine who gets the vaccine?


Theory Solution
a.      Utilitarianism  
b.      Rights-based ethics  
c.      Duty-based ethics  
d.      Justice-based ethics  
e.      Virtue-based ethics  

Part Two

Consider the same scenario, but explain what process you would need to add to your solution to protect the bioethics principles.


Principle Solution
a.      Autonomy  
b.      Beneficence  
c.      Nonmalfeasance  
d.      Justice  

Section II Resources:

You will use the following case study to complete the worksheet below:


Describe the Case Worksheet

Issue (What facts and circumstances brought these parties to court?)
● Who are the parties in this case:

plaintiff and defendant?

● What facts and circumstances brought these parties to court?  
● Is the court deciding a question of fact—i.e., are the parties in dispute over what happened?

Or is it a question of law—i.e., is the court unsure which rule to apply to these facts?

● Which facts of the case raise issues?  
● What are the nonissues?  
● Other  


Child Life Theory and Practice

Child Life Theory and Practice

The purpose of this assignment is to use the fundamentals of psychological preparation found in child life literature to make a preparation book for one of the patients listed on tomorrows OR Schedule. See Child Life Technology and Greenville Children’s Hospital for examples you may wish to follow.(CLC1d)

Review the literature in regard to the fundamentals of psychological preparation
Choose your patient from the OR schedule noting the patient’s age, sex, and procedure being done
Prepare your prep book using a media tool of your choice. Suggestions include:
PhotoStory3 – A free download for Windows computers, this program provides an easy way to create and edit videos.
StoryBird – Another free, web-based application, StoryBird allows you to read, write, and collaborate on digital picture books. Thousands of illustrations have been contributed to this online community, and all authors can integrate them into their written pieces.
Digital Vaults – This new tool from the National Archives allows you to create your own accounts and then build a story using digital resources directly from the National Archives. The movie making tool includes soundtrack options as well as basic editing functions. With a free login account, you can save your work, and completed projects can be emailed or shared via hyper link.
Producing Your Own Child Life Prep Book – “This guide prepares child life specialists, and others, in collaborating with the Child Life Technology team of volunteers toward successfully creating and distributing customized electronic prep(aration) books”

Personal statement college admission

Personal statement college admission
Those are the questions that needed to be answered and if you have any questions you can contact me if you need more details.

1- We want to know more about you – your life, your goals, your path, your challenges, and your strengths. We also want to know why you are choosing social work as a career.

2. We are committed to cultivating a vibrant environment in which we attract and foster the success of diverse students, and prepare them for a career of working successfully across differences. Please share specific experience(s) and/or leadership efforts that you have had that showcase your awareness of, and commitment to, individuals or groups from whom you differ in one or more of the following: religion, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, socioeconomic status, immigration status, or ability/disability status. Be sure to address race/ethnicity as part of your response.

3. You are applying to a program with a single concentration in disability studies. Please explain your personal values, beliefs, and experiential insight, if any, regarding disabilities.

Delegation event made by a nurse manager

Delegation event made by a nurse manager

Recall an assignment or delegation event made by a nurse manager or charge nurse where you have clinical experience.

Describe the situation and be prepared to answer and discuss the following questions with your group members: Were the delegated tasks clear/ Why or why not? Were delegation decisions logical? Why or why not? From what you know about your nurse practice act and professional standards, did the assignments make sense legally and ethically? What is your rationale? Please reference discussion postings utilizing APA format.

Conflict resolution skills affect constructive and destructive conflict

Conflict resolution skills affect constructive and destructive conflict

Describe how your conflict resolution skills affect constructive and destructive conflict, conflict management, as well as the effect conflict has on unit dynamics, institutional culture, and nursing leadership.

Please reference discussion postings utilizing APA format.

Teaching Effective Presentation Skills Project Management

Teaching Effective Presentation Skills Project Management

Instructions: This project requires you to develop a PowerPoint slide presentation for use as a training tool with managers and supervisors on how to prepare an effective presentation. As you move up through the workforce you will at some point be required to give a briefing or presentation to others. Hopefully, one day you will also have to the opportunity to develop one of your worker’s speaking and presentation skills. There is great satisfaction in taking a nervous employee, helping them to develop their presentation, coaching them on delivery and then watching them knock it out of the park! With this in mind, your presentation should briefly outline (i.e., no more than 2-3 slides) how to start a presentation (that is attention-getting steps) an and overview for the audience. You should focus the majority of your presentation (i.e., 8-10 slides) on what makes an effective presentation. Factors to consider in all forms of communication–Who is your audience? What is your message? Are you trying to persuade? Inform? The Week 5, Lesson 1 has a lot of great information to get you started, as well as the Forum in Week 4 (the Guy Kawasaki TED Talk).

Here are some guidelines to get you started: You are going to brief a small group of newly graduated APUS Business Students on how to present an effective presentation. Your audience ages are anywhere from 20-60 years of age, with various business backgrounds, military experience, and even some small business owners.

There should be an introduction slide, a topic overview slide, 8-10 slides on presentation techniques, a conclusion slide and lastly a reference slide. Use the “notes” feature of PowerPoint to list your talking points on each slide for me to read what you would actually be saying.

Submission Instructions: IMPORTANT! Save and submit your work as a PowerPoint Presentation with speaker notes

Link here on how to do this in PPT

The body of your presentation should include at least 8-10 presentation slides, in addition to a title slide, introduction slide(s), and references at the end of your presentation for a total of no more than 15 slides. PowerPoint presentations longer than 15 slides will not be read after the 15th slide. As such, please ensure that all assignment questions are answered within the first 15 slides, as your grade will be based on the first 15 slides received.

Your grade will be based upon your ability to follow assignment instructions, research conducted, the effectiveness of the training proposed, critical thinking and analysis, and APA 7th edition format.

Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, include at least three (3) supporting references or sources (do NOT use your textbook as one of the three required references, or encyclopedias, Wikipedia, unknown, undated, or anonymous sources, such as brief articles from websites), include a reference section (i.e., 1-2 slides), and cite all sources properly in the text of each slide, in accordance with the 7th edition of the APA manual.


Amazon Case Study Competitive Strategy

Amazon Case Study Competitive Strategy

Review Case Study 16: Amazon and answer the following questions:

What is the competition like in the grocery retail industry? Which of the five competitive forces is strongest? Which is or are weakest? What competitive forces seem to have the greatest effect on industry attractiveness and the potential profitability of new entrants?
What does your strategic group map of the U.S. grocery retail industry look like? Is Whole Foods Market suitably positioned? Why or why or why not?
What do you see as the key drivers of change in the U.S. grocery retail industry? Based on these drivers, trace Amazon, Inc.’s evolution in the U.S. retail grocery industry. Is the Amazon Inc. / Whole Foods Market combination potentially disruptive? Why or why not?
What key factors may determine the success of the Amazon, Inc. combination with Whole Foods Market?
What recommendations would you make to Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, Inc. to improve Whole Foods Markets’ competitiveness in the market while mitigating any current and future risks?