Business Plan: Feasibility Study

Writing a Business Plan. Conducting a Business Feasibility Study. 

Every entrepreneur should complete a feasibility study before writing a full-blown business plan.
While preparing the feasibility study, you may dig up information that helps you fine tune or refocus
your plans before proceeding to a start-up. Or you may conclude that the business simply is not
feasible. If so, it’s best to find out now.The feasibility study should include:
1. Cover Page
2. Table of Contents
3. Executive Summary
4. Business Concept

5. Product/Service Description
6. Industry Analysis
7. Market/Customer Analysis
8. Founding Team
9. Sales Strategy
10. Financial Plan
11. Feasibility Decision
12. Timeline to Launch
13. Bibliography
14. Appendices (if needed)
These sections do not have to be in this exact order and you do not need to use these exact
headings, but all the information does need to be in the study.

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