International and Regional Organizations


Write an essay for every question entitled below, and put the answer for every question under it
as an essay. Please be direct and the answers should be understandable. PLEASE REFER TO
THE BOOK I WILL ATTACH LATER, CHAPTERS 1 and 2. Please assure zero plagiarism, and
high quality. Also you can use another source, but not to contradict with the information in the
book. Please also the spacing should be 1.5 between lines, and Times New Roman 12. It should
be interesting and with high quality.

1. Which international relation theory would you use to address questions related to global
governance and international cooperation? Elaborate.
2. In your opinion, are the current global governance mechanisms to tackle global challenges
effective? Elaborate.
3. In your opinion, do states enjoy full internal autonomy as intended by “sovereignty” in the
modern international system? Elaborate.
4. How do globalization impact global governance? Elaborate.

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