CM Strategy: Client Presentation

Effective change leaders are familiar with traditional organization development theory and systems thinking currently being used in large group settings. The idea that a community needs to become dissatisfied with its current state, visualize a preferred future, and initiate the first steps to overcome the resistance to change is a powerful moving force.


In this assessment, you will create a presentation that captures the main points from the stakeholder analysis, findings, recommendations, and adoption strategies. Your presentation should be designed with appropriate visuals and text on slides that could be delivered to a live audience. Potentially your presentation, or an adaptation thereof, could be used in a live presentation in a context outside this course, where a talk on change management principles would be useful.



Use a presentation tool of your choice, such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, et cetera, to complete the following:

  • Create a presentation that highlights the change management strategy.
    • Include stakeholder analysis, findings, recommendations, and adoption strategies.
    • Structure the presentation in an easy-to-understand sequence.
    • Include detailed speaker notes of what you will say when you deliver the presentation to your client.
  • Create a presentation that is professional and appropriate for the targeted audience.
    • Ensure the presentation uses appropriate visuals and follows presentation best practices.
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