Differences in culture and biology and development of mental illness

Differences in culture and biology and the development of mental illness

Discuss how individual differences in culture and biology influence the expression and/or development of mental illness.

This paper should provide a clear argument and build on your original ideas put forward in each reflection class by incorporating, new literature and possibly some other ideas discussed by your peers.
Final Marks will be awarded on the strength and clarity of your final argument and opinions supported by current literature.

Peer-reviewed scientific literature only.

our ideas about the topic should be the focus of your writing, and evidence from sources should support them.

The structure of a piece of reflective writing varies greatly, but for this task, treat it similar to a short essay that follows the classic essay format of introduction, body, and conclusion. However, don’t be repetitive. The introduction can more or less rephrase the question. The conclusion does not need to repeat your points, but instead conclude on a general point(s) resulting from the analysis the body of your paper. Refrain from using the 1st person. Link your research to your own experience and opinions implicitly as the writer of the text rather than explicitly (i.e., don’t preface statements with “I thought that”, “in my experience, or “on reflection of the research”, instead make your statements direct). Your paper will need to be longer, more specific about the research referenced (i.e., expand on the research findings, don’t just state the result), and will include citations in APA format!

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