Research Project Topics

Research Project Topics

The research project topics that you can choose from:


  • Analysis of the need of some kind of integrated repository or index to the practices in the field of Enterprise Resource


  • Analysis of the impact of technological advances and new trends on Enterprise Resource Planning activities. Extensive review of emerging trends and challenges in Enterprise Resource


  • Analysis on potential integration of other solutions and Various other solutions exist in enterprise architecture management within different contexts. Examination of how different solutions can be adapted to the practices of Enterprise Resource Planning.


  • Extensive review of future research directions within the fields’ intersection of Enterprise Resource Planning and enterprise architecture management.


  • Analysing the potential impact of integrating concepts of goal-oriented requirements engineering (GORE) in the practices of requirements management within any Enterprise Resource Planning vendor


  • Analysis on potential integration of novel proven practice methods with current practices of requirements management within any Enterprise Resource Planning vendor


  • Analysing how to improve stakeholder-centric knowledge distribution and preservation within any Enterprise Resource Planning vendor solution.


  • Analysis of traceability visualization on the way requirements are fulfilled. As compound systems maintaining massive data; How can different kinds of visualization facilitate


  • Analysis of how different stakeholders can benefit from guidelines managing how they deal with constant change facing current organizations. Extensive investigation of types of change and respective guidelines is


  • Analysis of how communicating and maintaining enterprise architecture knowledge could be documented to complement the current Enterprise Resource Planning vendor solutions in


You can come forward with ideas for other potential research topics to discuss them.

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