Marketing Consultancy

Under assignment one (3000 words report), you need outline the client problem and provide an audit of the market situation for the company. Therefore under this assignment following requirements need to be addressed.

1.     Introduction: under this section you need to include;

  • an outline of the company
  • their current position in the market
  • identified client problem

Please note that identification of a proper business issue is important for achieving promising marks for this module. Therefore, you need to make sure that you select and explain a key business issue that highlight a specific marketing need in your answer.

  • Implications for the business if the problem is not addressed

      2. Situation analysis of the market   Under this section, you need to include a review of the market using suitable models (e.g. STEEPLE; SWOT McKinsey 7s, etc.). You need to provide an evolution of;

  • Macro environment (PESTEL/ STEEPLE)
  • Microenvironment (SPICC, Porters Five Force model)
  • Internal environment (McKinsey 7s, BCG matrix, marketing mix analysis, ect)

Summary of the analysis using SWOT

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