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There are many types of bias in when conducting research and unfortunately, in many disciplines, is extremely difficult to avoid.  The goal of reducing bias is to make sure that all questions are thoughtfully posed and delivered in a way that allows respondents to deliver honest and open answers.  One type of bias is habituation which is the when respondents provide the same answers to questions that are worded in similar ways.  It is said that this a biological response when our brains go into autopilot when continually asked the same questions that are very similar in nature.   Moderators must try to keep respondents engaged and interested to minimize habituation. 

Another type of bias is question-order bias.  One question can influence answers to subsequent questions, creating question order bias (Sarniak, 2015).  Respondents are often stimulated by the words and ideas that are presented in the questions.  This stimulation can impact the respondent’s feelings, thoughts and attitudes towards subsequent questions.  The question-order bias can be unavoidable, asking general questions before specific, unaided before aided and positive before negative will minimize bias (Sarniak, 2015). 


Sarniak, B. (2015).  9 types of research bias and how to avoid them. Retrieved from:

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