Systems Project and Quality Management

Systems Project and Quality Management

Please read below proposal details carefully which is designed in three pages. In addition, please check the assignment marking guide in Canvas to understand the marking criteria. Please note that you should choose your choice of IT project based on the following requirements.

Proposal Details

You and many other project managers have been invited to propose and develop an IT project planning that assists the business owners to achieve their goals. You have the freedom of choosing and defining your own IT project; However, this project should be related to the following domains: Software Development, Information Systems and Management, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Environments, Robotics.

You should manage and plan the proposed project. Some key questions to answer are:

  • What is the problem?
  • Why do you want to do this project?
  • What are the benefits/values that it will bring to the specific domain?
  • How are you going to solve the problem/s?

Please note that you will be drawing from your life and/or industry experiences as well as from your university education in SPQM to write your proposal. It’s also expected that you do an appropriate research to understand the problem and seek solutions. Please note the quality of your proposed project will be assessed as the given explanation in brackets in italic format at the end of each points below.

  1. Your proposal should be a unique project and an IT related solution. You should explain the value the project will bring to a domain, clarify the MOV steps and statement and propose how your project will deliver that value. (The quality of the developed and discussed MOV and your project’s value will be considered in assessing this section of your proposal.)
  2. To do this, you are encouraged to clarify the Scope of the project, estimated Time to complete the project, estimated Cost of the project. To estimate the time and cost, an appropriate approach should be selected and discussed accordingly. You should develop WBS in in a tabular format and identify the required tasks/activities and milestones. You are also required to identify dependencies and the CPM. (The quality of scope identification, accuracy of estimation methods and appropriate planning will be considered in assessing this section. You should use a Gantt Chart or a table to present the project plan.)
  3. In your proposal, you should provide a code of ethics. (The quality of code of ethics will be considered in assessing this section.)
  4. Finally, for the quality purpose ensure that you’re referring to appropriate Project Management Approach/Methodology to show how the project will be managed and the quality will be controlled/monitored. (The quality of discussion related to chosen approach/methodology will be considered in assessing this section.)
  5. Online mode students (both 7173 and 6678G Online):
    • Consider online aspect of working, planning, and managing the IT project in developing all the above points.
  6. 6678 G students (both 6678 Online and On-campus):
    • Identify two specific IT related risks and explain how these will be minimised or mitigated.


  • It’s required that your proposed project provides an appropriate value to the domain. For this purpose, you should follow and discuss the MOV steps and provide the MOV statement in detail.
  • It’s required that you choose a relevant estimation method for project time and cost management and use them appropriately in your report.
  • Please note that project tasks/activities/time/cost can be shown in a Gantt Chart format or you can provide them in a table format for clarity.
  • It’s expected that you clarify relevant and appropriate assumptions for your project.
  • The project management approach should be appropriately developed and discussed.
  • You should also submit your developed team’s code of ethics.
  • (For 6678 G students only) It’s expected that you identify major and specific IT risks related to the project.
  • Online students, please consider online aspect of the project including costs, time, scope, and when developing WBS activities.

Submission Guidelines

  • There are variety of professional Proposal Templates available in Canvas. You can choose any of them and update it in a professional way according to your project. You are welcome to use any professional structure that fits your project better.
  • You will be submitting one Word Document by the end of Week 6 Sunday 11:00pm.
  • You must provide assignment cover page in first page of your submission.
  • Please appropriately cite and provide any references that you used to develop your proposal.
  • You can check the draft Urkund dropbox prior to submitting your final assignment. Please note your submission in this dropbox will not be marked. You should submit your final proposal report in its appropriate dropbox called “Project Proposal Report Submission (7173 or 6678G as appropriate)” in Canvas site.
  • Please name your submission file as “Student ID.docx”.

Page Limit: The proposal must not exceed 6 pages for 7173 students and 8 pages for 6678 G students as per the unit outline excluding the cover page and references.

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