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Clinton Cash

“Clinton Cash” is a film adaptation of Peter Schweizer’s book by the same name. It is an insight into the activities of Bill and Hillary Clinton, mainly their charitable foundation. Many allegations are made against the Clinton’s in this documentary including misuse of power and influence to have millions of dollars funneled into their foundation by foreign entities. Released during the tumultuous election season of 2016, the film stirred up controversy and questions surrounding Hillary’s time as the US Secretary of State.

The documentary opens with statements from both Bill and Hillary talking about our responsibility towards others. Hillary says, “We believe that ending hunger is not only possible; it is a moral and strategic imperative.” A statement like this paints the Clintons in a positive light as people committed to ending the plights such as hunger faced by millions around the world. The United States works with many governments around the globe to solve such problems. However, sometimes issues of transparency as to how aid funds are used arise. Hillary is accused of conspiring with corrupt regimes to keep aid flowing even when obvious issues of misuse arose. Leaders such as General Abachi kept receiving assistance and support from the United States yet as he was proved to have misused hundreds of millions of aid funds. During this time, the commentator in the film explains that Bill Clinton was paid vast amounts of speaking fees in Nigeria.

The coincidence of the two events in surprising; that Nigeria’s aid was threatened and then Clinton went on to get paid to speak in Nigeria. It is evident that the two are interconnected and makes it very suspicious for the Clintons. From this, it is highly suspect that Hillary used her power as Secretary of State to keep Nigeria’s aid from being cut off in exchange for favors.

The second example cited in the film is the Keystone XL pipeline project that many opposed because of concerns about climate change. Hillary released an economic and environmental impact statement seen to support the pipeline. What is most surprising is that at this time, Bill received $2 million to give ten speeches in Canada. Hillary had been a long time proponent of combating climate change, and her support of the deal was mystifying. In another instance, the Indian government wanted access to the United States nuclear technology and sanctions on their nuclear projects lifted. In 2005, donations from India, amounting to tens of millions of donors began flowing into the Clinton Foundation, raising even more questions.

The documentary raises some valid questions regarding the activities of both Hillary and Bill Clinton. Since leaving office, both of them amassed sizeable wealth, and this is what led to the creation of the documentary. The main question was whether they received payment through their foundation to give favors, mainly because of Hillary’s position as Secretary of State. While many of the issues raised by the film appear to have a basis, more investigations should be conducted to find out if there was any misuse of power and influence by the Clintons.

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