Closing Argument

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Closing Argument

In any law proceeding, there are different parts of the proceeding. There is the introduction while the closing marks the end of the trial as the lawyers and other individuals wait for the statements of the judge of the jury. Therefore it is an important part of the case proceeding which if done in the proper way a client is likely to win. the lawyers who are given the work of representing the client are the ones tasked with this work of making sure that the closing arguments are the best and that in as much as it summarises the evidence and the case in general it is also drawn towards favoring the client they are representing. Therefore it is a very important aspect of law (Kennedy, 2006).

Therefore the main and the major purpose of the closing argument is to summarise the case from the introduction to the other parts in the middle to make sure that the closing statement is very moving. However, it is important to more that it is not a wise idea for a lawyer to keep the best arguments for the closing argument instead of providing all the information and evidence to help their clients during the case proceedings. Most of the jurors decide the case when it starts at the introduction or in between the other case proceedings. Therefore even though the closing argument is very important and it makes a lot of impacts it may not make a very strong impact to make the jury change their decision. Therefore it is an important part of saying goodbye to the case in the most moving manner but at the same time expecting anything about the decision of the jury (Zulanas, 2015).

The closing argument may include; summary of the evidence provided, reasonable inferences are drawn from the evidence, an attack on the opposing sides and highlighting their weaknesses, a summary of the law for the jury and in a creative way telling them to follow it and lastly a closing arguments can in a very creative way plea with the jury to take a specific action or judgment (David Adelstein, n.d). Even though it has limits like a lawyer cannot come up with a summary of the evidence which was not presented it still has a very great effect on the case and it is one of the most important parts of any case.


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