Positive psychology research

Assignment Instructions. 

Prepare a comprehensive research paper in which you choose an area of research that is relevant to and pertinent to positive psychology.

Your research paper must include relevance to culture, age, ethnicity, gender, and race. It should also include applicable legal and ethical issues.

Suggested topics include the following  but you are free to add or identify your own topics.

Topic 1: Positive psychology concepts (include any of the following concepts)

  • happiness
  • optimism and helplessness
  • mindfulness
  • flow
  • character strengths and virtues
  • positive thinking
  • resilience
  • self-efficacy
  • and additional concepts

Topic 2: Martin Seligman and other Positive Psychology Theorists 

Topic 3: Comparison of Positive Psychology to Psychoanalytic, Cognitive Behavioral, or Humanistic-Existential Schools of Psychology

Topic 4: Positive Psychology and the Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders 

Format your paper in APA style, citing at least 12 sources. Length of the paper to be about 4,750 words excluding cover page and references.

Jungian Typology

In your eLearning resource webtext, you completed two self-assessments:

What Is Your Jungian Typology?
How Productive Are You?

In your learning journal, reflect on how your self-assessments impact your personal life.

1. Recap the results you achieved on each assessment.
2. Did anything surprise you? Did you share any of the results with family or friends?
3. What did you learn about yourself as a learner from doing the assessment, and how will you incorporate this into the rest of this course and the remainder of your education?
This exercise is meant to focus on how the self-assessments can be applied to you as a student.