Fire Science (Firefighter Fatality Report)

In this Assignment, you will analyze the findings of one Firefighter Fatality Report from the
NIOSH website. Using the form below, fill in the information requested.
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH): Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention. Retrieved from

Ethical Issues in Stem Cell Research

The ethical issues presentation will address an ethical issue associated with the practice of nursing. The issue selected for discussion should have clearly identifiable pros and cons that, when analyzed, will allow the student to form a defensible position related to the issue. Principles from identified codes of ethics should be examined in relationship to the issue and position.. The power point presentation should have from 12 to 15 slides without counting reference and title pages and be APA Style.

The student should address the following:

12 slides NOT counting title and reference pages

1. Define the scope of the ethical issue.

2. Examine the scope of the issue as it relates to nursing and principles identified in codes of ethics.

3. Identify at least 2 positions taken on this issue by scholarly experts in the ethics discipline.

4. Explore the future for the issue as it relates to nursing practice.

Cross Border E-Commerce (CBE)

What are the potential challenges and benefits of Cross Border E-Commerce (CBE).

Aviation Research Methods

1.Gather a substantial data set that relates to your research problem. Describe the data using text and the measures (of central tendency and dispersion) and visualisations you consider best suitable.

2. Propose a model for the data collected and perform a type of statistical analysis that suits the model. By ‘model’, I refer to any sort of statistical representation either to describe the data and gain insights from it, or to study relationships between different variables.

Civil engineering contemporary issues

Among the criteria that ABET uses in evaluating engineering programs are a series of student outcomes. One of those outcomes is “a knowledge of contemporary issues”.

This assignment is geared toward assessing how up-to-date you are on a current issue facing civil engineers. In essence, it is a mini-research project.

Pick an area of civil engineering that interests you. The more focused, the better – water reuse rather just environmental engineering (even more focused would be “membrane technologies in water reuse”)

• Prepare a separate bibliography of your articles. Use ASCE bibliography format attached

•Find at least five (5) articles which relate to this issue or issues. The articles must be current, with at least three be from the past 5 years, while the other two must be within 10 years. If you wish to use more than 5 articles, I won’t complain. Use at least four different publication sources, such as:
◦ Peer reviewed Journals,
◦ ASCE Civil Engineer magazine or other professional publications,
◦ At most 1 source can be from a website/blog/non-engineering publication.
Different issues of a journal or magazine count as separate publication sources.

• Prepare a 4-5 page report on the articles. The report should be more than just a summary of each paper. It should be a synthesis of all of the papers, discussing how each of the papers / issues you researched affects the field of civil engineering or society.

What can People Legally Immigrate into the U.S

What can People Legally Immigrate into the U.S.?

Does it Need Reform?

What are the ways that people can immigrate to the U.S. legally?

How many people immigrated into the U.S. annually over the last few years?

Are the numbers going up or down? Is this helping or hurting our unemployment problem?

Do you think we should reform our immigration policies?

If so, how should we do that? Make it harder to get in, or easier?

Global Development Plans (MDGs and SDGs)

Analyze the global development plans (MDGs and SDGs) and the national development plan of Liberia.

How does the national development plan Liberia (pro-poor agenda for prosperity) fit in to the MDGs and SDGs? Note: Provide three research questions that your paper will answer. And I explain how close Or far is Liberia to achieving the SDGs.

Accounting for Natural Resouces

The purpose of this current event summary paper is to encourage every student to begin reading up-to-date information in their field of study. This paper should be two pages in length, not including the Reference page. This paper should be typed using one-inch margins on each side and double spaced. Cite your current event article using APA formatting. The journal article must be written between 2016 and 2020.

Walt Disney Comapany: Financial Analysis

Instruction: Visit one of the following online resources:

1. Calculate the following ratios for Walt Disney Co

a) Liquidity Ratios: Current Ratio Quick Ratio

b) Leverage Ratios Debt-to-Total-Assets Ratio Debt-to-Equity Ratio Long-Term Debt-to-Equity Ratio Times-Interest-Earned Ratio

c) Activity Ratios Inventory Turnover Fixed Assets Turnover Accounts Receivable Turnover Average Collection Period

d) Profitability Ratios Gross Profit Margin Operating Profit Margin Return on Total Assets Return on Stockholders’ Equity Earnings Per Share Price-Earnings Ratio

Answer these questions:

2. Provide the source of your information.

3. What do the ratios calculated communicate about the financial strengths and weaknesses of the company?

4. Based on your calculations, would you invest in the company, why or why not?

5. Write a 100-word recommendation to the company’s CEO

6. Format your paper according to APA guidelines Note: Use latest year(s) to calculate ratios You can use more sources if needed.