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Engineering Research Project (Writing a Dissertation)

How to Write a Dissertation: Structure

Abstract – single page – 200-300 words

ØSummarises the main points of the dissertation, including its conclusions and findings

ØShould be written impersonally, concisely and be intelligible to non-experts who may be reading it out of context.

Øshould be informative and tell the reader what the research is about, how it was undertaken and what was discovered but not how the dissertation has been organised.


A typical example of a thesis structure and sequence is

ØChapter 1 – Introduction

ØChapter 2 – Literature review

ØChapter 3 – Methodology

ØChapter 4 – Results and Discussion

ØChapter 5 – Conclusions and      Recommendations




Literature review 

ØShould review recent, relevant literature and be written in a critical and analytical manner.

ØShould not be a purely narrative account of what is contained in other published material

ØShould not try to produce a comprehensive review of all that has been published.

ØShould try to produce a structured, focused piece of writing which identifies and evaluates issues related to the project anandd raised by other authors.

ØIt should identify any gaps or disagreements about issues related to the project area.

ØThe literature review must not contain unacknowledged, copied, or closely paraphrased material.

ØA well written literature review would enable the aims and objectives of your study to be clearly identified by the reader.



ØThe chapter should describe and justify in detail the procedures used in undertaking any data collection (method used).

ØFor experimental research it should also outline details of the materials and equipment used.

ØProvide details of the research process so that other would be able to reproduce your research using just this text.

Results and Discussion

ØThis chapter should present the collected data and describe the results.

ØResults can be presented as a series of tables and/or graphs using descriptive statistics.

ØTables and Graphs

ØProvide titles for tables and figures

ØPlace title above table and below figure

ØCan use table and figure numbers to reflect chapter, e.g. Table 3.1, Figure 3.2.

ØPresent any results of Parametric and/or Non-Parametric statistical analysis of your quantitative or qualitative results.

Provide critical discussion of any analysis of the results and the implications of the findings of the study in terms of the literature reviewed


ØThis chapter draws the findings from your study together and present them in a structured manner that allows the reader to see you have addressed the aims and objectives.

ØAlso can provide any recommendation for further work related to and as a result of your work.


ØThis section contains a list in alphabetical order of all the published sources that you have referred to in your work


ØThis section(s) should include any other significant material that you have made reference to in the main body of your text


Øcopies of any questionnaires used for piloting and data collection,

Øinterview /topic schedules,


Øacknowledgements from respondents or interviewees,

Øsummaries of data analysis