Unemployment, Inflation, Economic Performance, Phillips Curve

Assignment Instructions

There are four questions to be answered. Word limit max 750 per question

Question 1

Explain the Phillips curve that describe a relationship between unemployment and inflation

Question 2

Answer whether you do or do not agree with the typical trade-off relationship that you summarized in Question 1. Your answer must include the following:

  • Comparison of two developed countries (OECD) members,  two developing countries. Calculate the coefficient and provide reflection on the Phillips curve theory.
  • Relevant empirical data collected from official databases (IMF, World Bank, ADB, OECD, central banks of each country, official statistical database of each country) that support your answer.

Question 3

Same as Question 2, provide a Phillips curve analysis, explanation in the case of Japan. Then find a similarity with one developed country and one developing country.

Question 4

Conclude the relationship between unemployment and inflation based on your answer to Question 2 and 3. You must include a brief summary of your analysis in conclusion, followed by your opinion and further data.

Critical Paths: Project Management


1) Create and name a project (such as planning a wedding, building an addition to the house, training for a marathon, etc). This can be any project you choose.

2) Create a network diagram with boxes (must be in some type of typed format (word, excel or other electronic format)).

3) Network diagram must have at least 10 activities

4) Network diagram must have at least 1 activity with 2 predecessors

5) Project in the network diagram must take at least 15 days to accomplish

6) Correctly label and identify the ES, EF, LS, LF and Float for each activity. (Be sure to provide a key for the boxes so I know what you are identifying as each ES, EF, LS, LF and Float)

7) Identify Critical Path