Conflict management : A case study

Conflict Management 

Define conflict

Identify sources of conflict in the case study

Summarize how the conflict could have been resolved. Use additional source materials to support your statements.

Green living in cities (architecture, manufacturing, urban design, regulations)

Sustainability in Urban Centers 

Write about sustainable living or green living in two cities of your choice. How are the city management or government striving promote green living? Create a PowerPoint presentation of the two cities. Use between 15-20 slides.

Corporate strategy for telecommunication firm

Choose one telecommunication firm such as Apple Inc., Huawei, Samsung, Nokia, and any other. Summarize its corporate strategy in 550 words.

Corporate social responsibility. What is your view?

Write  a 2,000 words essay about

Strictly Go For Profits Or Profits With Some Corporate Social Responsibility?

Effective performance management (PM)


Effective performance management (PM) is vital if organizations wish to be efficient and effective and sustain and improve their competitiveness in the current difficult operating environment.

-key requirement is to initiate actions and strategies which generate, support and sustain employee engagement because without the wholesale commitment of the workforce organizational performance is likely to suffer. Consequently, organizations are constantly reviewing and overhauling their approaches in order to deal with workforce issues and improve employee engagement.

Although their aim of increasing workforce engagement was the same, the two companies recently adopted very different approaches to resolve their individual difficulties.

Task 1 [words 1800]

comprehensive well researched referenced essay which compares, contrasts and assess the effectiveness of the approaches used  by Ginsters and Nampak to increase motivation and enhance employee performance and engagement among the whole workforce. Discuss which approach, in your view, is likely to have the most long term impact for the company and its employees.

Task 2 [words 700]

Personal reflection

As the work in this module has emphasized, employers not only require employees with specific skills and expertise and knowledge within their chosen specialist field but also a range of generic attributes and abilities which enable them to integrate and operate effectively in the workplace. In the light of work undertaken for the module, discuss how these may be overcome either with or without the help of your future employers.

Relationship between tobacco smoking among adolescents and abodiminal obesity common in adulthood

Write a research proposal for this topic

Format your paper in APA style.

Keep the word limit under 4,500 words.

Does Financial Deepening Promote Economic Growth? (answered)

Research Methods in International Finance Paper 

Please write like following structure。

Long Term Paper

Students are required to prepare individually a long term paper based on the topic on which they will write their research project. This is intended to form the early stages of preparing for the research project. The term paper should cover the following:

  •  it should set out the question and provide a clear motivation for why this is an important question; (<750 words)
  •  it should contain an initial review of relevant literature; and(>2,100 words)
  •  it should identify the data proposed to be used in the research project, and, much more 
briefly, set out initial ideas on methods to be applied. (about 750 words)
  •  it should briefly discuss a communications plan: how the results of the analysis might be communicated and in principle to whom (though you are not formally required to do this the research project). (<750 words)

Reflection on personal development and academic development

  1. In 1,250 words, reflect on your personal development
  2. In 1,650 words, reflect on your academic development.

Total word count should be about 3,000.

Your paper should be formatted in MLA style.


Ergonomics and role of ergonomics in our professional lives

Risk management assignment. Define ergonomics and discuss its role in our professional lives. Two pages. Cite 3 sources. MLA style.

Porter’s Value Chain Analysis for Disney Company

In this assignment, you are required to perform a Value Chain Analysis (VCA) of the Disney Company.  Format your paper in APA style. Maximum length is 1,150 words. Support your claims by citing 5 sources.