Nursing Licensure and Certification in UAE

“Nursing Licensure and Certification” is a must to work in UAE.
What :
1. Is the meaning and difference between licensure and certifications.
2. Are the purposes or reasons behind having licensure?
3. Is the difference between entry to practice and advanced practice nursing licensure

Please, I need SAMPLE ANSWERS to the three questions. But should be PLAGIARISM FREE!!!

Follow APA guidelines, and answer the question in 2-3 pages. Than you!!!

Determination of Acceleration due to Gravity (g) Using the Simple Pendulum

Lab Report

You are provided with data obtained from the lab about:

Investigation of the Motion of a Simple pendulum

  • introduction
  • apparatus
  • procedure
  • results
  • determination of g (from graph and from calculations)
  • error analysis
  • conclusion

Lab report measurement of stress and strain

Lab Report

Measurement of stress and strain

Use the following outline:

  • abstract
  • introduction
  • stress (include types of stresses)
  • strain (include types of strains)
  • relationship between stress and strain (Hooke’s la)
  • measurement of stress (include photoelastic technique and photelastc machine)
  • strain gauges (operations, installation, and industrial applications)
  • conclusion and recommendations

Recycling and subsequent refining of ferrous based alloys

You are required to select an advanced technology from the list below and    produce an investigative report that addresses the issues specified.

Recycling and subsequent refining of ferrous based alloys

The assignment should address the following;

  1. Fundamental scientific principles of the technology (30%)
  2. Detailed analysis of the application(s) including manufacturing, environmental, ethical and health and safety 
implications. (25%)
  3. A critical evaluation of the potential strategic impact of the technology on the appropriate industrial / market sector. 

-reduction of time

-reduction of wastes

-savings in cash

-process improvements


  • Marks awarded for the structure, presentation and referencing. (10%)
  • 10 minute presentation to the peer-group and lecturing staff followed by 5 minutes question and answer session. (10%)

Upper word limit 3,500