Solar Energy as an Alternative Energy Resource in UAE

There is abundance of solar energy in the UAE that can be harnessed as alternative energy.


Carry out an investigation of the feasibility of using Solar Energy as an alternative method in UAE.

You can use the following outline.

Title and abstract
Does the title indicate research?
Does abstract clearly outline the project?
Introduction and background:

Does introduction ‘put the reader in the picture’?

Does background show the need?
Does background show the basis of prior work with citations?
Methodology and timeline
Is there a clear description of experiments or data mining?
Is there a clear definition of data to be gathered?
Is there a timeline styled as Gantt chart with clear labeling?
Analysis and conclusions
methods to be used to analyse data
Deductive process showing how results will affect the conclusion
Expression of conclusions
Correct Harvard reference style

Mechanical Design and Analysis (Case study)


Follow the instructins provided in the attached file to carry out  a thorough mechanical design and analysis.

  • Simulations using Simulink
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of some parts
  • Materials selection

Enron Scandal Case Study


You are given a case study of Enron Company Ltd

You are required to analyze the case study in the context of corporate ethics.

Create a good outline.

Format your paper in APA style. Write about 1,750 words.  Cite six sources.