Spaceflight and Aviation

History about spaceflight and how that information can help you in your career.


ISS International Space Station

Do a research paper about the ISS 

Assignment 3

Instructions: Answer the questions below. No specific format is required, but do submit your work in a professional-looking format. Do not copy-and-paste answers; use your own words.

Use complete sentences, correct spelling, proper punctuation, and appropriate grammar.

Submit your answers as Week 3: Assignment 3.Acceptable file types include: .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .pdf.

  1. What was the purpose of the Clementine spacecraft and what was unique about it?
  2. Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, has an atmosphere composed of what elements and what did scientist Carl Sagan predict about Titan?
  • Discuss the advantages of a space based telescope like Hubble.
  • Explain the purpose of the Space Shuttle.
  • Explain why the shuttle’s payload bay doors must be opened soon after achieving orbit.
  • Discuss the shuttle’s reentry and landing sequence.
  • Explain what a life support system must do.
  • Describe what happens to humans physiologically when atmospheric pressure drops to near zero.
  • Describe the symptoms of space adaptation syndrome or space sickness.
  • Prior to Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA), cabin pressure is dropped incrementally prior to opening the hatch. What is the sequence for doing this and why is it done?

Managerial Finance Part 2

*follow the instruction on pages 3-4. Calculations and Case Study are included

*label answers according to their questions (eg. Question A (i), (ii)..  Question B (i), (ii)…

*Choice for Question B are (i)Planning, (ii) Coordinating (iii) Communication and (iv) Motivating

*One of the sources should be taken from ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE AN INTRODUCTION TENTH EDITION Eddie McLaney and Peter Atrill

*request the same writer that completed part 1 for order #80627

Managerial Finance Part 2


Managerial Finance Part 2

*Follow the instruction on pages 3-4 which includes calculations in question A and a case study which should stay within the range of 1000 for question B

*Label answers to their corresponding questions (eg. Question A (i), (ii), ….. Question B (i), (ii)..)

*Question B choices are (i) Planning (ii) Coordinating (iii) Communication and (iv) Motivating.

*one of the sources must be for the text – ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE AN INTRODUCTION TENTH EDITION Eddie McLaney and Peter Atrill

Leadership and Control

Create an approximately 5-minute presentation POWERPOINT to staff and leadership on your planned response to emerging human resources issues.



The assessments in this course build upon one another and must be completed in the order presented.


In the previous assessment, you planned, organized, and led. But what does it take to control your operation? What skills are necessary? What needs to be measured? Are there tools or processes designed to help? What types of things do you need to control, and what do you need to let go of?



In this assessment, you will create a presentation to staff and leadership on your planned response to emerging human resources issues.



If you use PowerPoint for your presentation:


View Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations [PPTX] if you are new to PowerPoint.

Use the PowerPoint Template [PPTX] to complete this assessment.



Imagine that you have received the following e-mail from your boss about a month after they adopted your departmental plan outlined in the previous assessment.


HR E-mail [PDF]: Use this e-mail from your boss as the basis for this assessment.

Atha Corporation


Looks like we have some issues to address (see below). Let me know how you plan to deal with

them. I suggest you put a plan together and share it with your staff and me. Please set up a time

for next week to present it.



SVP Operations

Atha Corporation

From: Havish, Molly <>

Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 10:23:53 AM

To: Grant Stiller <>

Subject: RE: HR concerns about retention and hiring

Hi Grant,

I just wanted to follow up with you on a couple of things that concern one of

your departments.

First, as you probably know we lost two of our personnel to other companies.

The exit interviews were consistent and revealing. Each mentioned that the

lack of acknowledgement of their contributions in the wake of the ramp up and

sizeable workloads associated with the goal of doubling sales a few months

ago was a factor. They also said the compensation was no longer appropriate

for what they were doing and was not competitive with outside opportunities.

Second, our offers to the two candidates identified by your manager as

desirable hires were not accepted. One made a counter offer for a 20% higher

salary and the other is concerned about benefits – mostly leave (she said that

only one week off in the first year was “a challenge.” I’m not sure the

compensation we are offering for the increased workload is attractive.

Molly Havish

SVP Human Resources



Create an approximately 5-minute presentation with power point targeted to your staff and leadership that effectively responds to your boss’s request found in the e-mail. Your presentation should demonstrate leadership qualities such as composure, preparation, solid communication, thoughtfulness, et cetera. The presentation should also:


Articulate the problems and their sources. (Make sure to include plausible assumptions based upon the facts presented to support your assertions.)

Detail your plan, which must address:

Retention: Describe two of the most significant steps you will take to keep employees and why you believe they will be effective.



Culture, leadership, engagement.

Hiring: Select one of the positions you identified in your organizational chart as new hire. Suggest two actions that you will take to secure new hires. Substantiate your ideas with real market data for at least one of your actions. (Cite your sources.) State any assumptions that you need to make to conduct your research. For example, candidate experience, job level, industry norms, et cetera.


Onboarding or orientation.

Communicating organizational values and culture.

Performance measure and standards: Describe how performance will be measured for one of the position types in your group. Your expectations should be consistent with your stated departmental goals.

Note: You have the option of using Kaltura or PowerPoint to complete your presentation.


Additional Requirements

Communication: Ensure that your narrated presentation is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

Length: Approximately 5 minutes. Submit as many presentation slides as needed to meet the requirements of this assessment. (Include a title slide.)

Visuals: Use font size, colors, and design to assure optimal readability.

Portfolio Prompt: You should consider adding this assessment to your personal ePortfolio. For more information on ePortfolio, visit the Campus ePortfolio page.


Competencies Measured

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment scoring guide criteria:


Competency 1: Analyze characteristics and behaviors of effective managers.

Articulate problems and their likely sources.

Competency 2: Apply managerial principles to planning, organizing, controlling, leadership, and communication.

Create a presentation that demonstrates leadership attributes while effectively informing the target audience.

Develop an appropriate plan for addressing retention issues.

Develop an appropriate plan for addressing hiring issues.

Outline an effective plan for performance measurement.

Competency 3: Communicate effectively and professionally.

Address the appropriate audience, using familiar, discipline-specific language an

Planning and Organization


Managerial Finance

This order is to pay the balance from order #80627 

Can Mr Smith Get To Washington?

Can Mr Smith Get To Washington?

For the original post, view the video “Can Mr. Smith Get To Washington?” Then, answer two of the four
questions below. You must use information from the Video, then only after identifying the information from the
video that applies to the question, you may offer your opinion (what do you think personally about what you
saw or interpreted from the video on this topic?).
(PACs) What challenges are faced by people who want to change the political landscape in Washington?
Social Networks: Do you think Jeff Smith would have been elected if he were a member of a well-connected
political family?
Voting Trends: Why do you think that so many people complain about politicians but reliably vote for those who
are firmly part of the establishment?
Policy impact on Issues: What does the groundswell of support for Jeff Smith tell us about the potential for
social change?