Psychology of Loneliness


Literature Review:

The main purpose of this assignment is to organize, evaluate, critically assess and integrate 10 selected journal articles on topic of current interest.

It also involves presenting your sources in a way that describes the significance of contradictions, gaps, and any inconsistencies related to the topic. The articles that you select must be within the last 10 years and be from peer-reviewed journals.

The assignment will be conducted in several steps, and you will receive feedback throughout the process prior to submitting your final paper.

Step#1 Summarize the past research: You will gather 10 articles from peer-reviewed journals. Journal articles must be current within the last 10 years.

You will write a narrative summarizing the research question, hypothesis, methods section, analysis, and discussion section. Please keep record of the PDF articles as you will also have to submit the 10 articles under the file exchange on Blackboard as proof that you have accessed the article.

A two paragraph summary, per article, will suffice (See examples on Blackboard’s literature review tab). This step must be typed (12-point font, double space, 1” margins on all sides) following APA style guidelines.

Include a reference page tep #2 Integration of your research: You will use the information from your summaries to critically assess the importance, a rationale for and overview of your key findings.

The purpose of this step is to place your paper in the context of previous research on the topic and justify your work. Each paragraph in this step should bring me closer to understand why this topic is of importance.

The first paragraph of the introduction should introduce the general topic of study. Be sure to define any terms you are using that are specific to the field of study. Indicate your operational definitions.

Using your articles, you should be building a case for future study in subsequent paragraphs.

Explain what has been found in previous research on this topic, describe what gap(s) exist in this literature, and explain how your study will fill in those gap(s).

Towards the end, briefly review the justification for your topic, and indicate the following question: did your research find and/or support what you were researching?

Include a reference page. 10 peer journal-