Designing Qualitative Research

Describe the procedure for designing qualitative  research. Discuss the various types of qualitative research designs. Outline limitations and strengths of qualitative research. Provide a rationale for or against using qualitative research in your discipline. Finally, present a dummy sample of a qualitative research paper (maximum 3,600 words).

Risk of Electromagnetic Pulse from Nuke or Solar Flare

Electromagnetic Pulse from Nuke or solar flare; What is the DOP Department of Energy doing to prepare for such an event?

1. Make a survey to collect at North Florida Community College, quantitative study survey.
2. Make survey for the professors, qualitative.
Questions to ask: Knowing that if an EMP attack or solar flare had occurred, thus wiping out all electronic, this includes cell phones, cars with computers, power grids down, transportation down, food and water shortages, looting and crime waves. It could take years to recovery, satellites would be down….A EMP can come from a nuke dropped 30-100 miles above our atmosphere or it can come a solar flare. What is the DOP Department of Energy doing to prepare for such an event? The White House is taking this potential threat seriously. On March 26, President Trump issued “Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses” in an effort to assess the risks of such an attack to critical U.S. infrastructure. Preliminary studies indicate that a catastrophic EMP event could cripple the U.S. economy and its military.
The Joint Strategy identified five strategic goals:
1. Improve and Share Understanding of
EMP: Threat, Effects, and Impacts
2. Identify Priority Infrastructure
3. Test and Promote Mitigation and
Capabilities to an EMP Attack
5. Share Best Practices Across
Government and Industry, Nationally and

Protection Approaches
4. Enhance Response and Recovery
Some questions for the survey:
• What will you do in an event of an EMP attack
• Have you prepared for this?
• How would you respond?
• How would your recovery?
• Where would you go?
• What would you do?
• How would you survive?

Models of curriculum development

Similarities and differences between Systematic and the learning-centered approach to curriculum design