Business Law – Fly Emirates

The paper should be composed of the business you have chosen to research and the three topics you will research.

Chosen business: Fly Emirates

Three topics:

1. Business ethics: Encouraging ethical behavior at work

2. Business ethics: Encouraging whistle blowing

3. Negligence

Further Instructions

Please submit the paper via an attachment in Rich Text Format or as a Word document.

Please check your paper for viruses before you send it.

Requirements: What is being required in a paper?

The paper will be graded based on content, organization, readability, and grammatical correctness. Content & Analysis includes your ideas as well as your research. Content includes your ideas as well as your research. Organization includes external transitions (section to section) and internal transitions (paragraph to paragraph and sentence to sentence). Readability means how well the paper flows. Avoid wordiness and the passive voice. Don’t start your sentences with “it is” or “there are.” Grammatical correctness includes spelling and other grammar errors including subject-verb agreement. Use parenthetical references (APA style) within your paper to document all quotations, Minor details (for example, statistics), opinions that are not yours. However, Do not document your own opinions. Any paper submitted without a reference section will receive a grade of zero. Can the main body of the paper be longer than eight pages? Yes, it can be up to ten pages, but it must be four full pages.

Organizational Behavior Assignment


The assignment comprises of three sections: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Each section should be approximately 1,050 words.

Cite all sources in APA style.

Part 1

(i) Define organisational behaviour.

(ii) Why is an understanding of organisational behaviour important for managers? Give examples of how it might assist a manager to improve performance of an organisation.

Part 2

(i) Define individual differences and diversity. Explain what benefits an organisation can derive from these.

(ii) Explain the difference between group and team. Give examples of how a manager would apply this theory to improve organisational effectiveness

Part 3

(i) Select, define and outline two motivation theories you have studied in this module.

(ii) Give examples of how a manager could use these theories to motivate individuals and groups of employees.