Supply Chain Management Decision Making


This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

  1. Apply modern supply chain management principles and practice, including the evolution of modern operations management theory, to real business cases.
  2. Critically analyse the process of supply chain management decision making.
  3. Apply and analyse appropriate management frameworks which can be used for the planning and control of materials and services, from the viewpoints of quality, quantity and cost analysis.
  4. Appreciate and utilise the range of tools and techniques available to aid effective supply chain management decision-making.

This assignment requires you to complete all elements of the portfolio outlined below.


Element Description Word Count Deadline
1 – SCM


Analyse the current supply chain for palm oil. Discuss any issues and areas for potential improvement within the supply chain. Ensure that reference is made to the entire supply chain along with relevant theoretical concepts.

Concise Essay 675 15/04/2017
2 – Logistics


Discuss how outsourced logistics may improve the environmental credentials of a business.

Concise Essay 675 19/04/2017
3 – Lean Management

Select a restaurant of your choice and discuss the improvements that could be made by applying lean principles. Ensure you use appropriate theory and models to support your argument.

Concise Essay 675 20/04/2017



Element 1 – Outline Mark Scheme
Demonstrate how the product fits with a theoretical model of a supply chain. 20%
Identification and discussion of key issues within the supply chain. 30%
Critical discussion on potential areas for development and improvement along the supply chain. 40%
Referencing & Layout 10%


Element 2 – Outline Mark Scheme
Demonstrate an appreciation for the importance of sustainable or environmentally friendly logistics activity. 20%
Critical discussion of how outsourced logistics may improve the environmental credentials of a business. 50%
Analysis of benefits and challenges associated with outsourcing logistics activity. 20%
Referencing & Layout 10%


Element 3 – Outline Mark Scheme
Identification of issues that currently need to be addressed. 25%
Analysis of how lean could specifically address these issues. 35%
Critical discussion of the potential challenges with lean implementation. 30%
Referencing & Layout 10%


Performance Review of Apple Inc.

Research the elements and core disciplines of a business process for a manufacturing or
services organization with which you are familiar.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that describes the five elements of a business process in terms
of inputs, outputs, and resources employed by the business, and address the following
What metrics does the organization use to monitor and manage process performance for inputs
and outputs?
What are the financial, external, and internal performance measures currently used by the
What product attributes are considered important to the organization’s success?
Who are the organization’s customers, and what organizational factors contribute to overall
customer satisfaction?
Compare and contrast the business processes of your selected organization and their major
competitor(s). What process competencies should each organization aim to develop?
Research the product life cycle of your selected organization from introduction to maturity. What
product attributes will be important to the customer as the product changes? How will the life
cycle of the product affect the business process?

Disruptive Innovation (Strategic Management)

Paper 1: a discussion of your chosen area
Paper 2: an application of that theory or framework to an organisation of your choice
Paper 3: an evaluation of the application of that theory or framework to your chosen