Developing a Fund-raising Program


You will work individually for this assignment. You are hired as a new development officer for a local art museum that is financially struggling. You have been charged with developing a fund-raising program. Write a memo that addresses the following:
Questions to answer:
What issues/factors should be considered to develop an effective fund-raising strategy and why? Be specific.
How should fund-raising relate to other organizational functions?
What specific suggestions/programs/events that you propose, given the fact that this organization have no money?
What are the challenges that you anticipate in implementing your suggestions? What are the possible alternatives to overcome those challenges? Be sure to justify your positions.

The Issue Brief should be at least 800 words and no more than 1100 words (This will be a challenge so be very specific and succinct. Make smart choice of words), double-spaced, plus a references page and any appendices for tables, graphs, charts, or any other supportive materials. This issue brief should be of very high professional quality, carefully edited and proofread, and ready to send to a board of directors/executive. Subheadings and internal organization are always welcome.

Evaluation: The points that I will look in the assignment include the following:

Appropriate application of concepts and reading material to the hypothetical situation as described in the assignment.
Recommendations are put forward, and other possible approaches are considered and addressed or refuted.
Writing addresses the appropriate audience and is grammatically correct, clear, and well organized.
Information is presented in innovating ways, including the use of online media, such as YouTube, blogs, websites, and so on. For example, you can create a short YouTube video, blog or website as a suggested sample for fundraising.

Instructions for PowerPoint Slides:

The presentation should include:
Your name and title of the presentation
Introduction to the topic and your rationale for why you choose this topic/issue
Explanation of the current issue-background/facts/other supporting information
Analysis-Link the issue with the concepts from the readings of the lessons.
Provide suggestions/recommendation/alternative thoughts on the event/issue
Pose at least 2 questions
Provide your thoughts about these two questions and invite others to comment.
Please choose something interesting and thought-provoking. The presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes. There are no fix number of slides required, however, your presentation should include the above mentioned 7 items. You are free to include any other relevant information to make your presentation interesting and thoughtful.

Advertisements and Human Brain

Effective advertisements integrate elements from both the left side of the brain as well as the right. They contain elements that appeal to emotions as well as having rational arguments. A laundry detergent may be advertised as having the rational benefit of getting clothes cleaner but also contain the emotional promise that your mother-in-law will think of you more favorably.

For each of the following websites, discuss the balance of left-brain versus right-brain advertising appeal.

Pier 1 Imports –
Pig O’ My Heart Potbellies –
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen – –

write a paragraph for each website you discuss
and use the lectures and book as reference

required book:
Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications (8th Edition)
by Kenneth E. Clow (Author), Donald E. Baack (Author)

Handling Crime Victims. Police and Crime Victims

Criminal Justice Paaper

Handling Crime Victims. Police and Crime Victims

In what ways can the police better serve the best interest of crime victims?
Make sure to:

Write a short essay or paragraph of at least 300 words (not including reference information). You must put the word count at the end of your discussion.
Use concrete examples/details and avoid generalities.
You must use your textbook in your answer and you need to use one additional source (not a dictionary-like source).
Address all questions.
You must cite your additional source APA style and give the reference at the end of your discussion.
Use proper grammar and punctuation.
Do not plagiarize.
You will not be able to edit your assignment once you post, so please proofread and spell check before hitting post!
As part of the assignment, you must also reply to ONE of your classmates with at least 150 words. Your word count needs to be at the end of your response.
You will have to POST FIRST to see your classmates’ postings. Make sure your replies are a thoughtful and relevant to what your classmate has posted. Try to build the discussion and keep it going.

Project Management (Reflective paper/Reflection paper)

Using MS Project Software

MS Project Software Needed to draw Gantt Charts and Network Diagrams

Q) Based on the given project scenario, write a 5,000 words (including appendix and references) project planning report addressing the following project tasks. Please note that you may work in groups with your fellow students for discussions but the report has to be completed individually.

More details of the question included in the module handbook which I’ve attached on page 8.

ADHD (Signature Assignmnet about ADHD)

ADHD (Signature Assignmnet about ADHD)

This assignment is very step by step, it literally tells you section by section to answer and format the case study.
For your signature assignment, you are to write hypothetical case study of one person with a disability or disorder, from birth through end-of-life. The purpose of this assignment is to show your understanding of the lifespan developmental issues of someone with a disorder. Choose a different disorder than the one you covered for your case assignment. You may choose to study an individual with a disorder that develops in childhood (e.g. autism), or an individual that develops a disorder later in life. Use readings from modules 1-8 and your own research to back up your case study with facts and theoretical perspectives. Make sure to cite all of your sources.

Because everyone has individual differences, you do not need to outline every possible developmental trajectory of the disorder. This is the point of doing a case study – you need only envision the individual development of one person. It is possible that the individual you are studying does not show developmental problems in some stages. If this is the case, outline your case’s normal development for the age range. The following is a sample outline for the paper- in the files attached.

You should use a minimum of 5-8 academic sources in your Signature Assignment.

Pronoun Use: when writing academic papers, do not use “I,” “you,” “we,” or other personal pronouns. When doing academic writing, we do not want your opinion – we want to know what the experts say about the topic you are researching. Do not use contractions such as “don’t” or “isn’t” – all contractions should be written out, like “do not” or “is not.”

“Use readings from modules 1-8 and your own research to back up your case study with facts and theoretical perspectives. Make sure to cite all of your sources.”

I will forward you some articles to use- and of course your own you must use too.

Applied Psychology Topics Assignments

Signature Assignment Instruction 

Read the Instructions Carefully

In this course, we reviewed the Foundation of Applied Psychology,
which included looking at Clinical and Counseling Psychology,
Educational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Health Psychology,
Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, and Career
Choices in Psychology.
In your Signature Assignment, you will select one of the following
applied psychology topics and write an 6-8 page research paper that
includes at least 6-8 resources from the Touro Library. You may select
one of these topics to research or suggest another topic of your
choice as long as it relates to applied psychology.

  • Intelligence Testing
  • Group Testing
  • Drug Rehabilitation
  • Work Effectiveness
  • Worker Motivation
  • Emotion Training
  • Vocational Testing
  • Morale Boosting
  • Performance Under Stress
  • Psychological Warfare
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Forgiveness
  • Conflict Resolution
    Your Signature assignment must discuss the following topics:
    (1) Why is your topic of interest related to the field of applied
    (2) Identify at least 2 psychology theories that helps explain your
    research topic
    (3) How is your topic being measured or evaluated in the field of
    1 / 2
    (4) What does the current research results suggest with respect to
    your topic?, and (5) Share your specific personal experiences or case
    examples of your topic in everyday life.
    Writing Guidelines for Signature Assignment:
    You must use proper psychology terminology in this essay. Do not
    exceed 8 pages in this assignment, excluding title and references
    The Signature Assignment must be written in APA style format (ex.
    double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New
    Essays should be proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes.
    Writing Resources (Use as Needed):
    APA Style. Retrieved from
    APA Style Guides, Retrieved from
    If you do not turn in your Signature Assignment before the deadline,
    points may be deducted from your score for tardiness. If you
    anticipate a problem turning in your assignment on time, please
    contact your instructor immediately to avoid a failing grade for nonsubmission.

Leadership (Case Study FedEx)

Case Analysis: Frederick W. Smith – FedEx

1. Please read and complete the Case Analysis: Frederick W. Smith – FedEx
2. Provide complete and well-synthesized responses to each question.
3. This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you have learned and can apply all we have
studied in this course to date.
4. Use APA guidelines.
5. Use at least 5 peer-reviewed sources from the online library to support your answers including
the textbook. EBSCO Host and ProQuest typically have the richest databases for peer-reviewed
6. Respond to each of the questions.
Note: The case analysis is from the textbook Leadership: Theory, Application and Skill
Development 6/e
Lussier and Achua ISBN 978-1-2858-6635-2

Leadership Video (Answer Questions)

You must watch via You Tube the Movie Amazing Grace. After which you are required to write a
paper addressing the following
-Wilberforce is ultimately successful because of the joint efforts of many men and women. Do
you think teamwork is an essential component of political success? Why or why not? Give
examples of other issues or causes that were successful as a result of collaboration and
– is it possible for a young person in the U.s to become a political leader like Wilberforce. Why or
why not?

-Provide examples of significant leaders in the United States who led the fight against slaver.
– Can you draw parallels between Wilberforce and the other famous activists or leaders.IF so
offer examples.
-in the movie amazing grace, Wilberforce visits John Newton, the man who wrote the hymn
“Amazing Grace”. Why does he seek his counsel and advice? How does Newton influence
Wilberforce’s efforts?
-Wilberforce befriends other abolitionists that share his determination and willpower. Why is it
important for like-minded people to come together towards a common cause?
– Wilberforce evolves into a greater leader and hero. Is there a historical figure that you admire?
Why do you look up to him or her? What cause did he or she champion?
-Similarly, is there a current day leader who you have a high regard for?
-What are the characteristics that an effective leader should possess?
-Wilberforce wife, Barbara, shares his commitment to the anti-slavery cause. Why is family
support important during long struggles? Give examples of other leaders who were encouraged
by the support of their family members during political or social justice campaigns.

Differentiated Essential Competencies (DECs) for a BSN nurse from the Texas Board of Nursing (BON).

Differentiated Essential Competencies (DECs) for a BSN nurse from the Texas Board of Nursing (BON).

Professional Goals. Set one Professional Goal for EACH DAY of clinical, based on the
Differentiated Essential Competencies (DECs) for a BSN nurse from the Texas Board of Nursing
(BON). If you worked 3 days, then you will have 3 goals. If you work 6 days, then you will have 6
goals. The competencies are divided into LVN, ADN and BSN. You must select your
competencies from the BSN level. You can find the full version on the Texas Board of Nursing
website ( under the Education sub-menu, and selecting the Faculty,
Programs and Student Information. The URL directly to the DECs is:

Goals need to be written before the start of the clinical week and reviewed with clinical faculty
during site visits. Keep your goals handy in the clinical setting for ready reference.
a. Formative journal goals are developed from “Provider of Patient-Centered Care” competencies
and “Patient Safety Advocate” competencies.
1. Write your goals completely and state the page number, section number, and all letter/number
identifiers of the competency being used. Describe implementations to meet the goal, progress
toward the goal and any revisions as necessary.
2. Implementation of Activities to achieve each goal. Were the goals well implemented, creative,
well-planned, met or unmet? (A paragraph).
3. Patient Summary and Priorities. BRIEFLY describe your patient scenario. Identify and number
in order, 3 priority nursing diagnoses that you used for your patient. The priorities should be
realistic, measureable, well thought out and appropriate for the scenario. Include the rationale for your priorities, actions taken (interventions), were the goals met or unmet?
4. Ethical Dilemma or Conflict. Describe a situation with either one of your patients, or on your
unit that resulted in conflict or an ethical dilemma. Identify the key players and assumptions of
the key players. Were there any implications from decisions being made? Describe the
resolution, if any. Identify the applicable provision from the Nursing Code of Ethics and explain
how this provision applies. Be sure to cite in APA your resources within the content as well as on
a Reference list.
5. Cultural and/or Spiritual Impact. Clearly and concisely describe one situation that involves
culture and/or spirituality. State if and how it impacted patient care. Identify the key players
(doctor, nurse, patient, social worker, etc.). State what actions were taken and how the patient
and/or staff responded.
6. Evidence Based Practice. Provide a synopsis of an Evidence based practice article and how
this relates to your experience for the week. Clearly describe if and how the article (EBP) was
incorporated into practice. Describe how the staff reacted to the EBP article. A link is provided for
you to access the UTEP Library. Cite your reference in APA format, a link is provided under the
resource icon.
7. National Patient Safety Goals. Based on The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety
Goals, describe a situation that occurred related to patient safety. Identify and describe a situation that compromised patient safety based on the NPSG. Clearly describe activities that
resolved/improved the safety of the patient in the unit. Describe the staff’s reaction and
participation in the NPSG. A snapshot of the NPSG is provided. If you scroll down the page, you
will see the website which elaborates.
8. Performance Improvement. Identify one PI issue being addressed on the unit. Describe the
issue and what actions are required to improve the situation. Describe the responses and
compliance of the nurses.
9. Other topics. Be sure to answer information requested for all topics. Cite the source of your
information APA style within the paper part of your journal as well as in a Reference list. If you do
not cite the source of information you are plagiarizing.
10. Reflect on the week. Clearly describe the major learning achievement of the week. Identify
situations or observations that facilitated learning. Clearly identify what knowledge that is needed
for next week and write how you will prepare in advance to gain that knowledge.
11. Grammar & punctuation, APA references and referencing. Make sure to run the spell check
and then read the paper to check on those medical terms that spell check does not “recognize.”
grammar, punctuation and spelling principles. Make sure article references are in the correct format,
see the link to Purdue Owl Writing Lab under the Resource icon.
12. APA writing format see APA reference in syllabus. Also can access:

Staffing Models in Organizations


Select an appropriate staffing model for a 30-bed skilled nursing facility or acute inpatient unit.
Create a presentation of 10 to 12 slides, including comprehensive speaker notes to recommend
your selected model to nursing leadership and the following information:
A description of the staffing model chosen for a 30-bed skilled nursing facility or acute inpatient
A description of the quality metrics and other data that was used to determine the most
appropriate staffing model
A description of the budgetary implications of implementing the staffing model
A plan for continuous monitoring to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the chosen staffing
Include three to five peer-reviewed references in your presentation, including the textbook