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Business Plan: Consumer Needs Assessment Report

Business Plan: Consumer Needs Assessment Report

Business Plan: Consumer Needs Assessment Report

Choose Walmart.
Develop a Consumer Needs Assessment Report to support your Business Plan. In 525-700
words, complete the following in your report:
Propose relevant information to be gathered on your target market consumer.
Formulate how and when the information of your target market will be collected.
Elaborate on how the target market information to be gathered aligns with the impetus for
change in your selected organization, addresses identified challenges, and aligns with strategic
management principles.

Critical Approaches to Economic Inequality in Canada

Critical Approaches to Economic Inequality in Canada

General Information: The final paper is an analytical paper where you will apply course
material to critically analyse a current issue of economic inequality in Canada and how it is
presented in a news article.
The weight of the assignment is 30% of your total grade and is to be submitted in-class (or the
departmental drop box – Loeb B750 – before 4pm on the due date). Late papers are subject to
a 5% late penalty per day.
Learning Objectives:
– Construct a question and argument for an analytical paper.

– Identify and explain key concepts covered in this course.
– Apply course material to critically analyse a current issue.
– Develop critical thinking, analytical, and academic writing skills.
Technical Requirements:
– 8 – 10 pages double spaced
– Typed, standard margins/font, numbered pages
– You need a separate title page with a creative title
– Sources: minimum 5 academic sources, with at least 3 sources being course readings. In
addition, you will need 1 news article (on your economic inequality issue).
o You do not need to include any external sources (all 5 sources could be from the
course), but if you do then they should be used to supplement course material or
to cite a specific claim that you are making. For example, if you are applying the
key concept of “social closure” to your analysis, the external source could be
another article on Weberian theory and social closure.
o Lecture notes can be used to supplement the required sources but not substitute
– References: APA style, both in-text and in the bibliography. The bibliography does not
have to be on a separate page.
Guidelines: Drawing on course concepts, the paper will present a critical analysis of the current
issue (within 8 months in Canada) and how it is presented in a news article. The paper will need
to include a description of the current issue, followed by an analysis of the issue. A strong paper
will clearly identify course concepts, define/explain them, and apply the concepts.

Note: A critical analysis means that you are not summarizing the key ideas as presented in the
news article. Rather, you are applying course material to develop your own analysis of the issue
that goes beyond taking for granted what is presented.
Note: The focus of the paper should be on applying course concepts to critically analyze the
current issue, not a research paper about the current issue. So, for example, how can the
concept of X be used as a lens to critically analyze the issue.
Format: As this is a formal paper, you will need an introduction and conclusion. The writing
needs to be academic (academic tone, proper paragraph and sentence structuring) and well
edited for clarity and spelling/grammar.

Effect of the Principle of Production Leveling on Lean Processes

Effect of the Principle of Production Leveling on Lean Processes


Prepare a 500-word minimum paper (excluding title page and references) that addresses the following:

1. Explain the principle of production leveling and its positive impact on lean processes.

2. Production leveling leads to understanding customer demand. Define the three characteristics that impact customer demand (volume, mix, and variation). Detail how these characteristics are utilized in your organization.

3. Identify and explain the three types of pull systems in a lean environment. Why is this principle so important for lean applications?

In addition to course materials, research Aviation manufacturing related journal and periodical articles written in the last five years need to be used.

At least three references in addition to course materials are required.
Hint: Focus on journals and periodicals relevant to the industry of Aviation manufacturing.

Note that APA format is required for this paper.

An abstract is not required and does not count toward the word count if provided.

Writing a Grant Proposal. Homeland Security Grant Program

Grant Proposa Writing. Homeland Security Grant Program Proposal

Fill out a NPSG on the Homeland Security Grant Program. One of the questions asks if the
organization or a member of the organization was a victim of a hate crime.
Additional Deatils
You must do research for the reason you are requesting the grant. So look at news articles and
find out what the threats are. Summarize each incident and cite your source.
In addition to the already pre-formatted grant application, I expect everyone to have a cover letter
that explains why the grant money is necessary. Again, do some research and use some good
government documents to explain the threats. Then you can go into specific incidents that happened there. Go over the specific items requested.
Another item that should be included is pictures of your target. If it is a church, google it. I want
pictures of each side and a picture from the top. I want to see those vulnerabilities. Is there
lighting? Are there cement blocks to prevent car rammings? These are the things you need to
think about. You need to see it to know what they are. You can make up some stuff, because you
just wont know. But for the most part, you will see so much from looking at it on the map.
write a grant proposal convincing a grant review panel of 1 professor from each of the colleges
on campus that you should receive the requested funds. The proposal should be 5-7 pages in
length including a 1-page references cited page, and a cover page, 1.5 spaced, with 1 inch
margins, and a maximum of 12 point font.

Be sure to address the following points:
Instructions for preparing your proposal:
• Cover Page: include your name, project title, project duration, & amount requested.
• Introduction: provide a statement of the objectives of the proposed work and the anticipated
significance of the work in lay terms. It should describe the problem to be investigated, the
hypothesis to be tested, or the creative endeavor to be undertaken.
Statement of Purpose: a clear, concise 100- to 200-word description of the proposed project
that is understandable to the general reader. It should include a statement of objectives, methods
to be employed, and the significance of the work.
Background and Rationale: provide a brief review of the work that has been done in the area of
the project together. Any previous research completed to date and/or experience you have of
relevance to the project.
• Methods: give a detailed description of the research methods or creative techniques to be used, and include a justification for this specific approach: How do these methods answer the
questions that have been posed, test the hypothesis, or lead to the desired goal?
• Schedule: include specific dates for the initiation and completion of each phase of the project.
• Conclusions: show how your work leads the conclusion and/or the solution presented. Evidence
should be given in a descending order of importance, beginning with the most important
• Budget and Justification: list all materials, laboratory supplies, equipment, travel expenses, and
the like that will be required to complete the project, with the estimated cost of each item. Provide
a short justification for each category requested.
References Cited: provide a complete list of sources used for this proposal.

Business Communications Online

You will find two documents attached to this assignment:

Electronic Presentation (Instructions)

– Directions for this 2 Part assignment Electronic Presentation Template

– Basic format you need to follow for this assignment

This assignment is worth 60 points and is part of your WI

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